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Health and Wellness Podcasts Marietta

Have you searched for a new informative broadcast to improve your mind, body, and soul? Did you know that listening to narrative podcasts can stimulate multiple parts of your brain? Total Wellness Consulting and The Sankofa Institute for Wellness are excited to launch the Progressively Yours Health and Wellness Podcasts in Marietta and anywhere else. We are health educators who love teaching and living total wellness, and we want to help you continue to learn and grow to further enhance your greater you. Click the button below to subscribe and listen to our current archived podcasts.

Total Blend of Health and Wellness

Let Us Help You Experience A Total Blend Of Health And Wellness!

Turning on a positive podcast can help empower your mind in today's turbulent times. Research shows that soothing, positive voices in your ears covering positive wellness messages can activate your brain stem and allow for your brain to trigger a chemical called oxytocin known as the "love gland," which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Our broadcasts are intended to bring a blend of total healthcare to the listeners to help inspire them to do better things for themselves and others and help them relax and focus on a better tomorrow.

Happier Global Society

A Healthier And Happier Global Society!

Podcasts are a great way to open your mind, and you expand your knowledge on many different subjects positively and passively. They are also very convenient as you can enjoy them while you drive, walk, work out, meal prep or do most other activities. Whether you're an experienced podcast listener or have never listened, we are excited to have you listen and absorb our Progressively Yours Health and Wellness Podcasts in Marietta and anywhere else every Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST. You can always ensure all of our guests that come on broadcasts are professional people who are doing remarkable things centered around the transformation of others' health and wellness. We are here for our community and with our community we strive to bring out the best in each other. Click the button below to subscribe now.