Education Programs For The Incarcerated!

Education Programs for the Incarcerated

Education Programs for the Incarcerated Atlanta

Do you have an incarcerated loved one and are looking for ways to improve their education and cognitive skills? Total Wellness Consulting has been working with the incarcerated for years, and we take great joy in helping them become empowered and rehabilitated. The time spent with them has us at our creative best, allowing them to see the infinite possibilities for their lives created anew. Our workshops are centered around the Healthy Haiku process, which guides them through lessons about nutrition, self-esteem, forgiveness, the creation of vision boards, and more. If you have been looking for education programs for the incarcerated in Atlanta or anywhere else, call us directly to learn more about how we can help.

Achieve a Better Life

We Want To Help The Incarcerated Strive For A Better Life!

A typical lesson starts with meditation, and power cards, followed by the main study, which always involves some type of creativity on their parts. We close with evaluations and Namaste (the Divine in Me – Greets the Divine in You!). These lessons are meant to challenge them to stop being mediocre and teach them how to be about the business of being on their Divine soul journey. These classes can be very soul searching, and sometimes the pupils can get mad at us for making them expand their minds. We realize it is uncomfortable in there – and there is nowhere to hide and nowhere to go but up! We know that we are pushing some buttons and taking them to the edge – heading to a breakthrough during these times.

Become Part of Society Again

Become An Active Part Of Society Again!

We have embraced a progressive and innovative approach to supplementing and expanding the incarcerated educational opportunities through providing academic, life skills, and career development programming. These education programs for the incarcerated in Atlanta or anywhere else create the cognitive tools necessary to help the incarcerated function as productive citizens. Our approach enhances human development, reduces recidivism, saves resources, and allows participants to ultimately contribute to the civil and economic life that they are destined for. Call us directly or click the button below to learn more.